Restorative Justice Conferencing

When an offense or harm has been committed, a restorative justice conference may be held to restore the relationship. NRS uses the Real Justice program that is provided by the International Institute of Restorative Practices.

Restorative Practices in Response to Truancy

Traditional methods for dealing with truancy can include fines and removal of the child from his or her home. In East Tennessee, local courts are looking to restorative practices to help end the cycle of truancy.

Community Service Program for Juvenile Offenders

NRS provides the opportunity for juvenile offenders to complete their court-mandated community service hours through this program. Working with an adult volunteer, juveniles learn about restorative justice and ways to make the harm they have done right again.

Community Education

If you are interested in becoming a restorative justice conference facilitator, NRS provides training in the Real Justice Conferencing method. A representative can also speak to your group about restorative justice and restorative justice practices. If you or your group is interested in learning more, please contact us.